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Monday, March 3, 2014

March Vintage Bingo Reviews


Link up your reviews below.


Kate said...

I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post my progress with the gold bingo challenge but up to this point, commencing from January 2014 I have completed the following categories:

Read one book set anywhere except the U.S. or England: The Chinese Maze Murders (1957)

Read one book that features a crime other than murder: Malice in Wonderland (1940)

Read a book published under more than one title: The Case of the Abominable Snowman (1941)

Read one book with a number in the title: Lock 14 (1931)

Read one book with a method of murder in title: The Silk Stocking Murders (1928)

Read one book that has been made into a movie:The Wheel Spins (1936)

Read one book with an amateur detective: Minute for Murder (1946)

Read one book with a man in title: The man on the boulevard (1953)

Read a book by an author you've read before: My friend Maigret (1949)

One book with a lawyer, courtroom and judge etc.: Untimely death (1952)

Read one mystery that involves water: Riddle of the Sands (1903)

Read a book with a detective team: Death in a white tie (1938)

Read one translated work:
Inspector Barlech Mysteries which is two novellas called Judge and his hangman and Suspicion (1951-1952)

Read one short story collection:
Agatha Christie Hour (all the short stories were published originally before 1960)

Read one book with an animal in the title: Maigret and the Yellow Dog (1931)

One medical mystery (or features Dr or Nurse): Postscript to Poison (1938)

Read one book set in the U.S.: The Chinese Chop (1949)

As of yet I do not have any lines.
Let me know if any of these don't count.

Bev Hankins said...

Kate: Looks good to me! What a lot of Golden Age reading you've done--it's hard to believe you haven't made a Bingo.

(Oh, and, yes, you're welcome to update on any of the Review links--and then again at the end of the year--for prize drawings)